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March 14, 2020

The RJS installation team came this afternoon to install our kitchen countertop and sink. They did an awesome job. We love it!!

Thank you all at RJS for working together to make this happen. I had no idea the work involved in a quartz kitchen countertop installation. The knowledgeable team at RJS were wonderful to work with. I really appreciate the time everyone took to talk to me. Thank you Paul for your patience educating me, helping me with stone selection and answering all my questions. Thank you Ron for explaining the cutting process and different edge finishes. Thank you Mohammad for taking the time to discuss the best reveal for my sink. Thank you Nic for your attention to detail and getting our accurate measurements. Thank you Mario for your drawings and meeting with me personally to review some questions I had. And please thank all the other crafts people behind the scenes involved in producing our beautiful kitchen countertop

Your commitment to detail and customer satisfaction shines through. We will highly recommend you to anyone looking for stone project expertise.

Best wishes,