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Countertop Planning Tips

Getting Started

The first step to any renovation is know exactly what features of your space that you want to improve and how these improvements will make the space more comfortable, more useful or more fun.

You may want to consider a few questions:

  1. How many countertops or surfaces do you need?
  2. Where will each countertop or surface be located?
  3. How will each countertop or surface be used; are there any appliances or fixtures that you’d like to integrate?
  4. What color pallet is being used in the room and in the house overall?
  5. What feeling do you want from the countertop or surface; very smooth or slightly textured, with a cool glossy finish or a warm satin glow?
  6. What kind of presence do you want from your countertops? The edge profile you choose can make a big difference, see our standard edge profiles here.
  7. How many people use the space that you’re renovating? Is this number likely to grow, as you start a new family or decrease as your children begin to make lives of their own?
  8. Is the space you’re renovating part of a high rise? If so, please note that additional installation fees may apply.

Countertop Measuring Tips

When measuring its a common practice to ensure that your countertop overhangs the cabinet doors and door hardware below. 1 ½” past the cabinets (or about 3/4″ past the doors) is a common overhang. Measure all of the cabinets and add your overhang to find your final countertop dimension.

We recommend at least a 1/8” overhang to allow for the expansion and contraction of the cabinets and for cabinet angles that maybe slightly greater than or less than 90 degrees.

When taking your measurements for quotes, it is important to mark your finished edge and wall locations, because they affect the manufacturing and installation process.

If you’ve got a peninsula as part of your kitchen plan, measure it as a separate piece when quoting to get the best idea of your costs.

Make sure that your sink and all faucet fittings will fit in your sink cabinet. Many homeowners overlook this and have the added time and expense of finding a suitable sink after the countertop measuring process has begun. If you’re not sure, give us a call and we’ll help you out.

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