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Natural Stone

Massa Granite Countertops

Soapstone & Slate:  Are natural stone options that you will find have less color variation than other natural stones like granite. The softer characteristics of these products must be considered before use in any kitchen counter. Both stones are wonderful examples of mother nature’s beauty, they are wonderful choices for homeowners looking for a long-term investment in making their house their home.

Granite:  Granite is one of the harder natural stones found on earth. Having said that, granite does require some regular care and maintenance such as sealing. As hard as granite is, it can be prone to staining and chipping.

Granite was once reserved for only the most expensive of homes, it is now found in homes of all price points and sizes. Favoured for those looking for a more traditional design look, the natural variations in granite truly makes each and every counter is a one of a kind pieces of art.

Marble:  Known for its elegance, marble looks great with any kitchen and bathroom style or theme. It’s especially popular for those who love to bake or work with any kind of dough, due to its smooth polished surface. Unfortunately, marble is susceptible to scratches and staining, especially compared to granite.