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Measurement Checklist

An accurate measurement is the start of the process that leads to our high quality countertops and surfaces.

Help us get started by making sure to check for the following at the site of your installation.

    • Clear Access: Parking, Entrance, Stairs, Elevators, Hallways etc. should be clear of obstacles so that our measurers have easy access to your site with all needed measuring equipment.
    • Refrigerator should be clear of cabinets to provide full access
    • Cook Top/ Range / Oven should be on site, but not in place. This will allow confirmed minimum sizes for the cooktop surface but allow easy access for measuring
    • Confirm cabinets or other countertop or surface support structures are complete and in good structural condition.
    • Ensure that all gables are fixed in place.

    Gather all of the extras that must be integrated into your countertop during fabrication including any of the following:

    • Sinks
    • Cook Top/ Range / Oven
    • Faucets
    • Liquid Dispensers
    • Remote operating switches for garbage disposal units or dishwashers
    • Cable or Cord Openings
    • Inset Electrical Fixtures (such as Bocci)
    • Inset Refrigerators

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