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Kitchen Countertops

RJS Stone Tops has been specializing in the fabrication and installation of kitchen countertops for over 30 years serving Vancouver and the lower mainland.  We will work with you to choose a suitable countertop for your living space and budget, take all the measurements, discuss countertop options, colours, materials and even help with colour matching.  Our beautiful showroom carries many different designers and we have hundreds of samples that you can take home to see how things pair up.

Surfaces may seem to fade into the background when it comes to decor choices but they actually play a huge role in setting the tone of the room. You’ve probably noticed how quickly your eye is drawn to these areas when you enter any kitchen space. It’s a huge visual draw. The mood and style of the room will be founded on your base materials: tile, natural or artificial stone, hardwood.  This is especially true in the kitchen, where countertop (or island) surfaces underlay everything. They determine how we see things, how things fit together, and how we navigate the space.

Just as with bathroom countertops, your kitchen countertop material will depend on your lifestyle and how much you use your kitchen.  Do you like to cook often?  Is there a lot of prep work that goes on in the kitchen?  Whatever your needs are, there is a countertop material for you.  At RJS Stone Tops, we will help guide you through the material decision making process so that you are pleased with your kitchen for years to come!

Hire RJS Stone Tops today and see what a difference it makes!  Whether it’s a full kitchen renovation, small upgrade, or a quick fix here and there – we are Vancouver’s #1 trusted source when it comes to kitchen countertops and renovations. Call us today to get started or simply drop by our beautiful showroom for design ideas and to speak with a specialist.

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