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Custom Countertops Manufacture & Installation

Efficient and hassle-free, our all-inclusive service is the easiest path to your  new countertops. This service starts with a detailed site measurement and consultation, then our skilled craftsmen and women go to work producing the countertop that you can enjoy for years to come. Once it’s ready, our team of installers will deliver and install your counter. With minimum wait times and quality workmanship our Manufacture & Installation service is an easy fit into your home renovation project.

Custom Countertops Supply Only

For the Do-It-Yourself customer, RJS Stone Tops will guide you through the design and measure process to ensure the most cost effective solution for your project without compromise in quality and service. Our Supply Only Countertops are cut to your exact specifications and can be delivered to site, shipped or packed for pickup. Just let us know and we’ll make it so.

Custom Projects

At RJS Stone Tops we offer more than just countertops! Tub Decks, Fireplace Surrounds and Specialized Wall Treatments are just a few of the applications that are perfect for our products and services.  Working with our Strategic Partners, nearly anything is possible. Contact us today for a consultation for your custom project.

Restoration and Repair

Is your natural stone, granite, marble or quartz surface scratched, chipped, or stained? Does it suffer from any other damage? If so, we can repair it for you! Believe it or not, despite being incredibly strong and durable, in time your granite, marble or quartz countertops will begin to show the wear and tear of everyday life. A stone countertop if installed poorly can crack. If a blunt object is dropped near an edge, it can chip it away. In time the rich looking surface can become dirty and lose its sparkling shine. We specialize in cleaning, resealing and repairing. Call us today to book your appointment.