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Corian Solid Surface


Dupont Corian Witch Hazel Countertops(1)

Developed nearly 40 years ago, Dupont™ Corian ® is the original solid surface countertops material. It is a non-porous mixture of resins and natural minerals that is a hard-wearing and durable countertop or surface material, that never needs sealing. Because of this, Corian countertops are comfortable, easy to care for, handle and clean.

Corian: Beyond Countertops

Corian ® can be bent, shaped and bonded into large pieces with nearly invisible seams. Because of this versatility, Corian ® Solid Surface has been used in a wide variety of residential and commercial applications including countertops, wall cladding, windowsills, door thresholds, moldings, toilet partitions, shower and tub surrounds, signage, furniture, display cases, stair treads, elevator cladding, lighting fixtures, and specialty products such as sculptures, serving platters, flower vases and much, more.

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