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5211_Nobel_Grey_4You are probably already somewhat familiar with Caesarstone Quartz if you have been researching countertops for a kitchen, bathoom or home renovation. Quartz is very popular and this type of quartz is particularly known for its quality development and the extensive research that went into making it a smart choice for any homeowner.

When it comes to Caesarstone Quartz, RJS Stonetops offers dedicated workmanship like you won’t experience anywhere else. We dedicate ourselves to superior workmanship and knowledgeable service. We pride ourselves on providing quality merchandise that excels in quality, look, and durability.

About Caesarstone Quartz

kitchen-countertops-vancouver-1Quartz countertops are one of our many top recommend and best selling countertop materials. We look for a perfect balance of tried-and-true and innovation in order to be a leader in the countertop industry. We offer countertops that are heat and scratch resistant. We offer contemporary or classic styles, or anything else you can dream up!

The Durability of Caesarstone

Caesarstone resists cracks, stains, and scratches better than most surfaces – and looks trendy and sleek doing it. Most dark coloured, “risky” liquids like food colouring, wine, coffee, juice and soda won’t stain these counter tops. Caesarstone can also be easily cleaned with mild soap, water, and a cloth. This makes regular maintenance a breeze.

We recommend using a cutting board for all food prep, though, no matter the surface material of your kitchen counter. This helps to guarantee maximum longevity for your surfaces, as cutting boards are easy to discard and replace if need be. Our top priority is your long term satisfaction with your countertop.

Caesarstone countertops don’t need sealing, unlike some others, like granite. Caesarstone is nonporous, so it won’t absorb liquid. This makes them easier to keep and maintain. Caesarstone is a high density material so it will stay shiny without having to polish or oil it. It will always have that “newly installed” luster.

Food Prep at Home

4230-Shitake-Caesarstone-kitchen-3Quartz countertops are great for preparing food at home because it is resistant to the development of germs and bad bacteria. Non-porous surfaces won’t absorb food or moisture particles that could otherwise fester and become contaminants. This is why more and more customers are leaning towards quartz instead of granite. Absorbent materials can hold onto food particles until they go bad and become a health risk.

Cost of Caesarstone

Like many things, the price of quartz countertops varies from vendor to vendor. But when you shop at RJS Stonetops, we promise you the best competitive quotes in the marketplace, excellent installation craftsmanship and thorough follow-up. We have been in the market for over 30 years and have countless satisfied customers.

Quartz can come in many styles and colours. It’s a durable and reliable material to use for any countertop project – kitchen, bathroom, or other areas. Caesarstone is considered one for the best and brightest in its class when it comes to quartz materials and we can offer to you at a fair price with professional and friendly service from start to finish. Get in touch with us today to get started!