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Designer Collection

The RJS Stone Tops Designer Collection consists of carefully selected colours, chosen with the input of our top designers and vendors, representing the direction today’s home design is trending. When using the colours from this collection, not only are you getting the most popular colours, but this pricing program gives you the best value for your dollar. With this collection, you are only charged for the material you use. For material not in our Designer Collection, you will be required to buy the whole slab.

Builders Series

Miami White, Silestone, Polished 3cm

Grey Rock, Kad Polished 3cm

Ice Land, Kad Polished 3cm

Silver White BQ400, Vicostone Polished 3cm

Bianco Goiaio AVQ9750, DMK Polished 3cm

Driftwood 306, Irah, Polished 3cm

Calcatta Venato, Irah, Polished 3cm

Premium Series

Fresh Concrete #4001 / Caesarstone / Concrete Finish 3cm

Raw Concrete #4002 / Caesarstone / Concrete Finish 3cm

Etude / LG Viatera / Polished / 3cm

Misterio / Vicostone / Polished / 3cm 

Miami Vena / Silestone / Polished 3cm 

Veining Series

Eternal Calacatta Gold / Silestone / Polished 3cm 

Eternal Statuario / Silestone / Polished 3cm 

Lumina LG Viatera / Polished 3cm

Ethereal Noctis / Silestone / Hybriq / Polished 3cm 

Ethereal Dusk / Silestone / Hybriq / Polished 3cm 

Ethereal Glow / Silestone / Hybriq / Polished 3cm 

Eternal Marquina / Silestone / Suede 3cm 

Environmental Series

Seaport / Silestone / Suede 3cm 

Nolita / Silestone / Suede 3cm 

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